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1920s 注目の BW Real Photograph Souvenir of Ed バーゲンセール Scotland Card- Regalia

1920s BW Real Photograph Souvenir Card- Regalia of Scotland, Ed


1920s BW Real Photograph Souvenir Card- Regalia of Scotland, Ed

1920s BW Real Photograph Souvenir Card- Regalia of Scotland, Edinburgh Castle- Crown Jewels, Sword

Approximate Measurements: 3.4quot;x2.6quot;

Photo has some silvering.

Condition/Details: Photo has some bending and wear.

-The photograph is digitally watermarked to protect the image from re-use. The digital watermark will not be present on actual photograph.

-This vintage photograph is offered for sale only as a collectible item. The purchase of this photograph does not convey transfer of copyright. The photograph may not be reproduced or republished without the permission of the copyright holder.

General Condition Notes: Please review all photos carefully to determine the condition of the photograph. The photograph may have flaws including some wrinkling, cracking, soiling or even tears due to age and handling prior to our possession. The Etsy images may differ in colors and contrast that the actual photograph.


1920s BW Real Photograph Souvenir Card- Regalia of Scotland, Ed

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