Guide to Dress 1920s Gatsby Accessories
Guide to Dress 1920s Gatsby Accessories

Every bride seems to have a colour scheme or wedding theme in mind and it seems a good pick wedding theme may make your big day special.  But the problem is how do you choose one that’s right for you? 

As soon as you think of planning your wedding, for some reason the need to get a colour scheme or theme sorted presents itself. First, Close your eyes and think of a feeling rather than searching with your eyes, conjure up hazy summer days, beautiful autumnal sunsets or a spring time landscape and dream up your theme that way! Still no idea? Let me give you some inspiration.

A successful theme in my view is something that provides a central point to the feel of your wedding day. Something that unifies the whole day: an idea, a destination, a movie you both love, a stunning colour combo. For example, If you are fans of 1920s , some Hollywood movie like " The Great Gatsby" , "Moulin Rouge" must be your favorite. You may consider to have a classic wedding them.  

A Classic wedding theme like Gatsby never goes out of style and that why it is one of most popular wedding theme. The diamonds, pearls, frill, and lace are  simply timeless. The trends and styles were highly influenced by art movements in the 1920’s – Surrealism, Impressionism and Art Deco which conveyed the “modern” look. The Hollywood movies, the famous movie stars and the role of women changing and becoming more important, the rise in Consumerism and mass advertising during the 1920’s started this style revolution. Whether you are dressing up for prom, a formal event, or a costume party, this is the perfect guide to Gatsby accessories.


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